Surprises for NEET 2019

Every year close to 1.4 Million students appear for NEET Exam. This makes a need of guidance and support for these 17 year old students. Due to the lack of IT infrastructure in the rural areas the government officials have found a way to surprise us.
First of all the government will make the guidance and coaching free for two of the biggest competitive exams in India. The Authority is projecting to open up nearly 2700 centers for the test preparations and guidance purpose. These centers will be having staff to take care of the specific need like for guidance and mock test scenarios. The new authority has been formed to watch over the competitive exams like NEET and JEE Main. The Authority is named as NTA (National Testing Agency). This authority will have centers across India so that the students have issue with access to examination, coaching infrastructure can access the service for free. For access the students will have to be registered on the app designed by NTA this app will later assign the nearby center. These centers will later help the students and their parents to assess the progress of each student directly through mock tests and sessions.
Secondly the NTA has done a pretty commendable job of making this examination once a year in May. As in the current setup, students end appearing for exams and mock exams for almost a year. This had to be ended as it puts huge pressure on the students and their parents which, in the long run hurts their health and later fallout. As NTA has gotten our and the student’s hopes up will be further conducted as an offline exam like every other competitive exams as the IT infrastructure in the rural areas is very low and sometimes it’s not even available. Taking these conditions into consideration, NTA has taken the onus of checking all the tests on them. As we have already mentioned that there are close to 1.4 million students appearing every year. As compared to the number of students appearing for these exams, the number of guidance centers is very low. But, as its very first step towards making students ready for these exams affordable and available as an option. The NTA has also confirmed as these offline exams will be conducted in different languages, which few is not yet confirmed.
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