Decision On NEET (UG) 2019: New Rules for NEET 2019

The reports are out stating about pending decision by MHRD. The ministry is about to finalize the decision of conducting the NEET 2019 and henceforth twice a year or not via online mode. As the rollback of NEET 2019 few days back has left all the student and their parents confused. As the twice a year exam pattern has the students giving exams for half a year starting from February till May this may change. Due to the online exams pattern is introduced the students from rural areas face huge problems as the lack of infrastructure for exams is not considered in making the rules. The officials may also take a few of these problems in consideration.

The officials have given confirmation on clearing all the doubts and give proper help in preparation for the NEET 2019. Taking in consideration of all the problems faced by all the rural students and urban students as well with the exams infrastructure and mental stress.

National Eligibility cum Entrance test a.k.a. NEET. The test needs to be re-worked for its efficiency, this also questions whether the test needs to be conducted once a year or twice and whether the test is needed online or offline like objective based reference exams or topical based essay tests. This decision is pending and the result will be declared on 18th August. On this day the NEET 2019 will have it’s New rules.

But for the students what will they do with their scores if the seats are full?
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